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Why Roti Plus

Natural & Nuturious ...

Natures gift and a unique product from Soyabean. Indian Bread is generally famous and known as Roti / Chapati / Fulka / Paratha etc.These get drided up and becomes hard when kept for longer time and becomes non edible.

Benefits of Roti Plus :

Advantage & Health Benefits of Roti... Plus :

Roti Plus is natural and Soyabean Enzymatic modified liquid which is having Omega - 3 & Omega - 6 essential fatty acid which is not generated in human body and to be taken external by way of food or other mode for necessity of human body. which are having other more benefit of it.


Indian bread is called as Roti / chapatti/ fulka etc. Name of Indian bread changes with region. Normally roti become hard when kept in atmosphere. Also roti in Tiffin get hard when kept for long time. Roti Plus avoids the hardness of roti when kept in atmosphere or in Tiffin. Roti Plus kept roti soft for long time. Also dough becomes non sticky, less stick to hand during processing. Roti Plus retains the moisture contant in the starch-gluten network & avoids the retrogradation of starch to become hard.

Health Benefits:

Roti Plus is natural Soyabean product having omega-3 & omega-6 essential fatty acids. Roti plus contant Phosphatidylcholine which is essential phospholipids. Roti plus improves the digestion power of Body.

Advantages of Roti plus in Roti plus / Chapati / Fulka etc:

Softness of roti increases for long time. Shelf life of roti increases. Dough becomes non sticky. Natural food additive. Source of essential fatty acids & phospholipids Improve digestibility. Value addition to roti.