EE – Energy Excellency : -

This eco friendly product additives for various fuels. It control the Carbon emission by 40% to 50 % , boost & increase energy/calorie power of fuel for better performance , help in smooth running and more purity of fuels. energy calorie value , reduce noise and maintenance. High performance level of present equipments. Also applicable in petrol, diesel , Furnace Oil , Wood fire , pallets etc. Saves 20 % fuels.

Suggested Dosages : - 50 ml in mix in 20 ltrs / Kg. of fuel.

RE - Regain Excellency : -

This product is oil additives for human beings , products have Multiple applications of Massage therapy helps in body ache , ligaments tissues regain , effective in rheumatic pain, joint pain & Muscles , Control the Blood pressure , headache, Effective in Migraine , Nasal and Bronchial Conjunctions , Helps to improve the varicose veins Diseases. Also use full For Diabetic patients in regulations of blood circulations. Also effective as pre health care applications.

Suggested Dosages : - 2 ml to 5 ml gently massage on effected area.