Roti Plus Offer


Natural & Nuturious! Natures gift and a unique product from Soyabean. Indian Bread is generally famous and known as Roti / Chapati / Fulka / Paratha etc. These get drided up and becomes hard when kept for longer time and becomes non edible.

Why Do You Need It?

To enjoy healthy food Keep Roti Softness for longer time and improves self life of it. Gives non sticky dough and saves the time of mixing. Reduces Ghee/Oil requirement,saves Gas / Electricity and cooking. Have natural source of Soyabean enzymatic modified liquid.

Health Benefits:

Roti Plus is natural Soyabean product having omega-3 & omega-6 essential fatty acids. Roti plus contant Phosphatidylcholine which is essential phospholipids. Roti plus improves the digestion power of Body.

Our Portfolio:

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